Enjoy a touch of luxury with Friend Zi


I believe in our busy lives of work, relationships, children, pets, etc. we deserve a little touch of luxury when we can get it. I keep some powder in an antique sugar shaker to use after a shower or bath and to sprinkle on the bedsheets. 

About the Maker

We often associate a particular smell or scent to an individual. The same was true for Sherry Hadden, the creator of Friend Zi Gifts.

As a young girl, Sherry always loved the way her Grandmother Martha smelled, but never really gave it much thought. When Sherry was about 19, her grandmother passed away and she was left with a few personal items to cherish. One of those items was her grandmother's powder/sachet recipe. You see, Grandma Martha made it for herself… like many women of that time.

Sherry kept her grandmother's recipe, but didn't really give it much thought until much later when her girls were out of high school and on their own. Looking for something to fill her time, Sherry dabbled with the powder until she felt like she had it just right. She thought that if she loved the beautiful fragrance and feel of the silky powder, maybe other ladies would enjoy it as well!

So off she went to local festivals and events with her buckets of powder! Sold by the bag, she was thrilled by the response and the demand was rising. As she ventured out more and more, she soon realized the need for complimentary products and accessories. Thus, the SALT crystals, puffs, lotion, and antique vanity items were added to the Friend Zi line.

These products are still hand blended today in Monroe, Louisiana. 

Products You Can Find At Vintage Violet


French Powder 

Bath Salts

Body Wash/Bubble Bath

Linen Spray

Petite Bath Bombs

Fleur de Lis Soap Bars

Body Souffle 

Handmade Lambswool Powder Puffs

Antique Sugar Shakers and Powder Boxes

*COMING IN THE SPRING: Roll-on Parfume*

Candles & Sprays

Handmade candles from 3 companies I believe make a great product—Way Out Wax of Vermont, Quiet Candle Co. and Rewined.



I'm proud and excited to offer you these wonderful, natural products. 

About the Makers


Founded 1992 in Vermont. In 1995, working in conjunction with a certified aromatherapist, Way Out Wax decided to pursue all-natural aromatherapy candles. Already skilled in the mechanics of candle making, they now could concentrate on sourcing pure essential oils and the finest, all-natural wax blends.

Today, Way Out Wax remains more committed than ever to providing an environmentally friendly candle in an increasingly toxic world. They strive to reduce their ecological footprint while providing an affordable, practical and uncompromised aromatherapy experience. They are also having a lot of fun and enjoying delicious aromas while proving that candles can be both beautiful and completely natural. 


Handmade soy candles with unique scents inspired by nature. Created by Prudence Brown of NJ, a quiet lady passionate about candles.


This company uses discarded wine bottles to create unique candles that mimic the scents of wines.